Thursday, February 9, 2017


photo 2 artist statement

     In what ways have you gotten better at this kind of work?
"At the beginning of my photography journey, I had a crappy point and shoot camera from the 90's and my iPhone. With the lack of tools, I also had a lack of knowledge of what photography really was. Of course, photography is very personal and is based purely off of opinion, but there are some simple guidelines such as leading lines and rule of thirds that I had no idea existed. I started out just taking a quick snapshot of a beautiful scene, with little thought put into it. Now, I put thought into not only what I photograph, but what angle I want to shoot at, how I want the light to look like, etc. In short, I started out taking snapshots and now I take photographs. There is a very distinct difference between taking a snapshot of something rather than a photograph. A snapshot, in my opinion, is just taking a picture for the memory, yet a photograph is taking a picture for the sake of art and the aesthetic." 
     In what ways do you think you need to improve?
"Firstly, I need to improve by taking my camera everywhere because there are so many moments I wished I had my camera but didn't. Another major thing I need to work on is staying inspired, finding photographers that make me want to go out and photograph the world. That is something that I've struggled with in many areas of my life, not just photography. Though, with photography, it is quite a bit easier due to its significance in my life."
     What did you learn about yourself while you worked on this piece (the dream project)?
"I learned that I really enjoy taking pictures of architecture. I decided to take the dream project in a literal sense because I had the opportunity of completing my dream. I learned that photographs can truly take you back in time because when I look back at the photographs I took, I still get butterflies in my stomach due to excitement and joy. The best thing I learned was that it is the most amazing thing getting to complete your dream while doing both of your passions: music and photography."
     What were your standards for this piece/did you meet them?
"My standard was to try to capture the emotions I felt on this night. I felt awestruck, excitement, and as if I were in a dream. I'd like to hope I met my standard, and in my opinion, I did, but it is all personal, so there is no way to say. All I know is that when I look back on the photographs, I relive the night."
     Did you do your work the way other people did theirs?
"Of course, I got inspiration from my fellow classmates in a lot of the projects we did, but I'd like to think that my work is unique to all others, just as everyone elses work is unique."
     If someone else were looking at your work, what might they learn about who you are?
"I'd like to hope that people might learn that I look at the world differently, and that I can find beauty in the most random things. I also hope they'll learn that I really like food :^)"
     One thing I'd like to improve on is...
"being consistent. I'd like to be shooting as much as I can. I have so many ideas, but I never actually go out and create them on canvas. With photo 2, it has helped me majorly in being consistent...mostly because it's for a grade, but it also helped me continue to think outside of the box outside of class, and outside of the assignments that were handed to us."

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Dream

opening night





     For my dream project, I didn't do anything extraordinarily out of the box. Instead of interpreting it as a dream I had, I interpreted this assignment as a dream I completed. In my case, my dream was performing at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. I got to complete my dream with the most amazing group of musicians I could've ever imagined. During dress rehearsal, I looked up into the empty concert hall. All I could do was stare in awe. I couldn't believe it. It was everything I imagined. My dream. Completed.